Speaking push notices from ST through Tasker?

I have ST set up to check if everything is closed when I click the Leaving routine. If something is open, it pushes a message to my phone. That works well. But what I would like to do, is have Tasker tell me something is open using voice. I know ow to create Say tasks in Tasker. What I do not know is how to get push notifications into Tasker. I have the full version of Tasker, SharpTools (with the plugins) and ST. Has anyone done that?

Check out the articles on the SharpTools microsite (sharptools.boshdirect.com) - specifically the article on using Push Events might be interesting to you:

The summary of it is:

  1. Long-press on the desired device in SharpTools then select “Subscribe to [attribute]”.
    Note: This sets up a push event which is triggered anytime the subscribed attribute changes.
  2. In Tasker, create a new Event profile using Plugin > SharpTools > Thing State
    Note: Make sure you fill in the filters to only trigger on your desired thing/attribute changes.
  3. In your action, you can use the Say action in Tasker along with the variables that SharpTools received (%st_thing_name, %st_attr_name, %st_attr_value)
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Thanks. I have done that, But I do not think that will help me do what I want. I will try to explain with an example.

I have Smart Monitor set up to check the windows and doors are closed. When I leave. If one or more is open I get a push notice like this “Smart Home Monitor is armed but Lounge Window has been left open”. I miss them as I am usually, by that time, heading up the road in my car. So I am looking for a way to push those notices to Tasker, so I can use speach and hear them.

You have a couple of options.

  1. If you literally want to use the existing notification which is generated by the SmartApp and shows up as a notification from the SmartThings mobile app, you can capture the existing notification with something like AutoNotification and then redirect the content to a Say action.
  2. You can use a SharpTools event based on your presence triggering you as away, then use Thing: Get Attribute to get the status of the other desired Things and turn that into a Say action. (reference)
  3. You can subscribe to all of the Things that you want to know the status for, then store the updated status into GLOBAL variables and then use those variables when the desired trigger occurs (eg. presence). Probably overly complex considering you already have a notification. (reference)

Check this thread… maybe it will give you an idea.

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I have managed to do it by using a text message. I have Smart Monitor set up to send me a text. I use Tasker to intercept that text and read it back to me. Not great, but it works. Would be better without the need for a text message.