Anyone aware of an interactive notification system for ST?

Use case: I want the notification that the garage has been open for ten minutes to allow me to press a “close” button, or ask a yes no question (do you want to close).

I toyed with something called “Growl” on Windows PC, I’ll check into that, but wondered if there wasnt’ something already integrated with ST. Don’t find anything in a search.

Something similar not sure if it will work for your case is Tasker and Sharptools. Since you can subscribe to the garage door state, you can make Tasker prompt you for action. It’s not directly integrated but close :slight_smile:


Technically fits the bill, hoping for something a bit less cumbersome. If nothing else, this will do, thanks!

I used to text IFTTT to close garage door when I was getting notification that it was open for 15 minutes. Later I changed to SharpToolsand Tasker, but then Alexa and Alexa Listens came along and replaced everything.

Could you simply reply to the IFTTT text? I think that would be simple enough for the xAF.

Will be great if we could do something like this with Aido, the robot on Indiegogo campaign.

IFTTT allows you to trigger an action based on an SMS message sent. However, it may not be specific enough for you, because your choices are “Any SMS sent”, “Any SMS sent to a specific number”, or “Any SMS sent that matches text”. You clearly don’t want the first of those. The second might work if closing the garage is the ONLY thing you ever want to do by text - ANY message you send to the ST text shortcode will fire your garage door close action. The third is a bit problematic - you could match on “close garage”, but then it would fire when you sent a message to ANYONE that had that text in it - such as if you told another family member, “Don’t forget to close garage when you leave”. You could probably work around that if you were willing to include some text string that you would be very unlikely to use in any other messages, such as “#ST# close garage”.

Had similar thoughts to you. Wasn’t sure the reply to short number was same as receipt number. I’m willing. Need time to test this now.

IFTTT can process a hashtag text as the IF to a recipe. Very similar to the echo format of “Alexa, trigger X”

If you’re using voice text, as long as you have the IFT TT text number in your contacts, you don’t have to make it bidirectionally interactive.

You get the text notification, either from IFTTT or from SmartThings.

You reply, “Hey Google, tell House hashtag close garage door” or whatever. your recipe is. In this example, “house” is the contact name stored in your phone for your IFTTT SMS number.

I assume you can do this with a Google – – you can definitely do this with Siri, I use it all the time.

The point here is that you don’t have to reply directly to the sender of the notification. You just have to have a contact set up to do the voice text to.

I do this on my Apple Watch, which is very convenient.

The only issue is that you do have to be exact on the #, it’s not natural language. So it’s not as nice as echo, but it will work for many situations. Like I said, I use this a lot.

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