Want to get Tasker to tell me by voice when my garage door has been left open

I have an app in SmartThings Automaton > SmartApps section, that will send me a text if I leave my garage door open. That is great, but I would like my mobile phone to tell me the door has been left open.

I have Tasker and SharpTools on my phone. I have created a few voice activated routines from Tasker through SharpTools to SmartThings … and they work great.

But what I would like to do is get Tasker to see when the “Garage Door Left Open” SmartApp runs so that it can inform me using voice. I thought I should be able to set up a profile, that fires when the “Garge Door Left Open” SmartApp runs, through SharpTools. But all I can see in SharpTools is mode change or Thing State … not SmartApps.

Is there a way to do that?

Hope that all makes sense.

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Hmm, how about create a virtual switch that Tasker and Sharptools can interact with. Have Sharptools subscribe to that switch status then do your voice stuff in Tasker.

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I am new to that concept. It would need to check that the virtual switch has been open for a set amount of time. Otherwise it will tell me every time it is opened I think. I think SharpTools can read the state of a thing anyway, without creating virtual things. As I already have an app that checks the door, it seems it should be easy for SharpTools to read that app.

I am new to SmartThings and SharpTools … only had them for a few days. I am also not a Tasker expert.

Why not create a Tasker profile “Event/Phone/Text Received” that intercepts the text message your smartapp currently sends when the door is open??? Next create Tasker task “Media/Music Play” that executes when the text defined in the profile is received. For “Music Play”, record a mp3 or use an existing sound file you want played when the door is left open.


That is a great idea. Getting Tasker to inform me using voice is easy, I can just create a say Task. But triggering it is where I am stumped. The text message may work, I’ll try it. Thanks

I use the text message feature all the time. Works like a charm.

It works!!! Thanks!!!

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I love seeing the community support here! Thanks @cdikland @JDRoberts and @eibyer – and I hope @Tharmagon is enjoying SharpTools and the world of Tasker!

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I know this thread is old but could you give me details on exactly how your did this?