Sharptools and tasker to monitor Schlage lock - help please

(Chet) #1

Hi… I’m trying to use Tasker to create a profile where my front door lock is monitored and a task is triggered when the door unlocks.

This should be (in theory) pretty straight forward but for the life of me, I can’t get it to trigger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The device has been subscribed to in Sharptools and it’s called “Front Door Lock”. The state is either locked or unlocked.

Thanks again!

(Don) #2

You’ve probably already been here.

(Glen King) #3

The thing I do with sharptools is to set up a generic Tasker profile that grabs all things and attributes. I subscribe to the desired attributes. Then I do something to trigger the device, and have Tasker email all the output variables to me.

From there, I determine what attribute(s) I want to respond to. Then I work it until it sends toasts or alerts upon fulfillment of the context I want. Only at that point do I have it start doing actual tasks.

(Don) #4

Yeah, I think that’s what the web site I linked to suggest. Great idea. Then you can see what the actual values are your trying yo grab.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #5

It looks like Don and Glen have you pointed in the right direction. You can react to a subscribed event by using the Thing State event plugin in Tasker and can find some details here on how to do that:

And if you only want to react to specific events, you’ll want to use conditional actions - for example to trigger an action only when a lock is unlocked rather than anytime it changes:

(Chet) #6

Thanks everyone… I got it to work nicely.

I had to create a virtual switch that flipped from on to off when the door lock went from “locked” to “unlocked”.

So, there is the Schlage lock under ST and the virtual lock switch under ST.

If I use the event / thing state to monitor the virtual switch, it works great.

I’m happy with this so don’t plan to fiddle around with the setting to monitor the actual lock itself.

Thanks again!