Speaker Weather Forecast app not working

The Speaker Weather Forecast app had been working for several weeks but a few days ago it stopped working all together. I’ve tested it by pressing the Play button next to it in the SmartApps list but nothing happened. Is this app gone for good?

I’ve tried removed/re-added the App, rebooted the hub but still not fixed.

There was a Smartthings status update that may have something to do with this

Identified - Custom text-to-speech audio notifications are currently non-functional as we have hit a monthly limit. These notifications will begin functioning again as of August 1 00:00 UTC. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are actively working to increase this limit to avoid future disruptions.
Jul 30, 20:24 EDT


What’s interesting is the Speaker Notify with Sound app continues to work as expected. Perhaps it only affects certain TTS apps. I will see if by 8/1 it’ll work again :slight_smile:

I assume it has to do with cached messages vs new messages. My weather doesn’t work and neither are new Speaker Notify instances. But I did have old instances that fired.

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Its the TTS providers limit.