Weather Smartapp not working

Trying to setup the weather to speak through my sonos speaker. Basic setup for 7:30am but it doesn’t do anything. When I try to test it by pressing the play button, nothing happens. Any ideas why?

Which app are you using?

Speaker Weather Forecast

Yes. I use the same one and mine has been a bit flakey recently.
Has been working OK all this week though.

Does absolutely nothing when I try it. My music doesn’t even stop playing.

Just re-tested mine as I wasn’t sure if it ran this morning and it did not run.
Oh dear.

Sorry I have misled you here.
Mine IS working OK.
I had the ‘only once a day’ active and as it had already run it wouldn’t do it again.
I got that from live logging.

I don’t know then. Does it get the weather info from your gps location? I did put in our postal code.

Ah Ha. That may be your issue.
If I remember correctly I had issues originally so I left the zip code blank (I’m in the UK) and it then worked.
I think it then uses the hubs GPS position to retrieve the local weather.

Nope that didn’t make a difference. I don’t really understand why it doesn’t work.

Here is a screenshot of my settings.

That is what I have and still no go. Here is what is says in the Live Logging

11:44:48 AM:
msg = The current temperature is 27 degrees. Today’s
forecast is Sunny to partly cloudy. High 22 degrees. Winds E at 10 to 15


11:44:48 AM:
 java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method playTrackAndResume() on null object @ line 989


11:44:48 AM:
playTrackAndResume(, 11, 30)

Seems it is producing an error in the app.

I’m afraid I don’t know what to suggest.
Perhaps send a pm to the author of the app.

That’s smartthings isn’t it?

Yes. This was a Smartthings app so perhaps you should raise a case to uk support.