Please Fix Sonos Weather! It's just plain janky!

For a long time, I’ve had problems with Sonos weather forecasts. I’d set it up correctly, but it would work for one day and stop. I think I’ve narrowed it down. It appears only to be happening with the two most useful settings: Today’s Forecast and Tomorrow’s Forecast. Doesn’t happen with Current Conditions only. At least that’s what’s going on right now.

But come on, why so janky? You advertise this integration but no one can use it! Please permanently fix this.

Not disagreeing with you, but it’s pointless to post a service request here. This is a community-based forum, and SmartThings personnel do not come here except by happenstance. You should open a support ticket with GL!

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One will probably be in a nursing home before this SmartApp is updated by ST developers & working as advertised due to their focus on operational stability and V2. The best direction is to copy the SmartAPP template and make updates to the section that is failing yourself. I have sent in requests on the Sonos SmartAPPs that have bugs only to hear back after a week that this has been reported to SmartThings software engineering. Thank you!

I have lost all hope with ANY integration with my ST and Sonos. The only consistent thing I can count on, is that Sonos will randomly work from ST when you least expect it.

HI I release a Fix for these smart app , i hope you enjoy it

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