Speaker Notify with Sound- sound is stopping

Hi, I have a Smartthings UK hub 2 and live in the UK. I’m trying to use Speaker Notify with Sound smartapp, the sound starts to play on the required device but is cut short. I mean, no matter what I try to play, I only get less than a second of playback. This happens on text to speech and the sample sounds.

I’ve tried the MediaRenderer to play to various dlna speakers and also the vlc thing to test sound on a laptop in vlc but have the same results every time.
Any ideas?

I am having the same problem (USA). Speaker is a Samsung R1. Recently the speaker was spamming my activity log and that seems to have been fixed. Looking at the log it seems that the hub is turning the volume off before the message is complete. In my case, the “non custom” messages seem to work…more of an issue on the TTS.

There is another thread with a similar issue.

Did you notify support, since this is a ST supported app.

I haven’t notified support. SmartThings is still new to me, I wondered if I was doing something wrong so thought I’d try posting here first. Still no luck… but I’ll keep trying.

Don’t know if you saw this or not…

Thank you for your response, I haven’t seen this no. Will try this out later