Speaker Volume creeping lower

Has anyone found that their speaker volume slowly creeps down in the DTH Config? I set it then in a matter of 30 minutes it has cheeped down from 45% to 15%.

Maybe it’s getting tired…

Yes I put it to bed early every night, but still has the problem.

What speaker and what Service Manager / Device Handler? Should not happen unless the refresh is resetting the volume vice just reading the current value. Could happen then if a scale conversion is improperly done.

It is the Samsung Radius Speakers using the LANSamsungAudio DTH provided by ST.

See the below link. Usually associated with rules.

My problem is that Big Talker and Ask Alexa don’t have a Temporary Chang Volume thing. But they do Have a preset volume I can try.

I would seriously consider contacting support. It should not do what you are describing.

Done that, but no definitive answer.

Having a speaker slowly decrease it’s volume over time is indicative of a failing capacitor. It lets through more DC which biases the speaker and kills the A/C component.

It is not one speaker it is two speakers, so I doubt it is the capacitor. St admitted it is the DTH, but not a hight priority fix.