Samsung Radius R1 DTH Volume Creep

I have two Samsung Radius R1 speakers that I use for voice alerts etc. I have noticed with the DTH that no matter how I set the volume, within hours it creeps much lower. Has anyone else seen this? If yes have you figured out a fix? I contacted support, so far no fix. Any ideas? I have a WebCoRE Piston, but it doesn’t do the job as there is no way of timing an alert.

BUMP any one with an answer?

I have the same problem its a known issue, I opened an ST ticket and they said its a known issue and its being worked on. But it has been a known issue for a while and I am not hopeful there has been any progress made or that its even being worked on. Pretty disappointing that most of the samsung products have such poor ST integration.

I also reported it today, and they asked that anyone else with the problem report it so that they can monitor the logs.

Well then I guess I’ll have to open another ticket they just closed the ticket and said known issue.

Maybe not as it must be logged, but it wouldn’t hurt. I would call.

Hoping if enough people bug them something may finally be done about it. Probably should open a ticke with Samsung as well.

Yes it can’t hurt.

I too have this issue. It is now 7 months since this last post. I take it there still is no resolution? Should I bother opening a ticket?

I think I have it fixed, thanks to help from the WebCoRe community. They helped with my Piston, I had something wrong in it. So far it has maintained the 45% I need. Also if you have any other Pistons with volumes set or Smartapps with set volumes set it can make this fix not work.
In the code there is a part at the end which has 2225 the last two digits is what you change for volume also you have to change the IP
Here is the line StevenJonSmith corrected my error

What IP address should I be specifying here? The IP of my speaker? Of my SmartThings hub?

Yes the IP of your speaker

Well then, sounds like I need to get a DHCP reservation setup :slight_smile:

So I can’t get the REST API command to work. The IP address is correct, it’s .111<p%20type=“dec”%20name=“volume”%20val=“65”/>

I get this response back;


SmartThings doesn’t show a volume change.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Do you have any idea where the documentation of the REST API is for the speaker?

That is correct, the volume is 30. Like I said you have to play with the number 2225 for me is 45%.

What’s odd though is that it doesn’t actually set the volume of the unit to 30. It just stays at what it was.

There is a good explanation in the WebCoRE forum about this. There is a bug where SmartApps interfere with things when the volume is set in them and WebCoRe. So just set all volumes in WebCore and you should be fine. I downloaded an app for my iPhone called FING it scans your network and finds everything on it. Once you ID the Speakers you select the option to notify you if the IP changes, and if it does adjust the Piston. So far it has been many months and the IP hasn’t changed. It is now three days and no volume creep.

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