Voice notifications?


I realise there were issues with custom voice notifications TTS, but understood this was fixed a number of weeks ago.

As a newbie, I’m currently trailing various custom notifications running via the Sonos speakers using a combination of Smartapps to achieve this.

  1. Bigtalker for notifications on devices turning on/off, and when someone arrives or leaves the house (work fine),
  2. Sonos Connect, Speaker mood music, speaker notify w sound for triggering daily radio in the morning and weather forecast info (hit n miss?)
  3. CoRe pistons to play dynamic greeting messages on arrival (hit n miss?)

I assume these all use the same TTS engine. But I’m finding that at times the message gets triggered and either plays flawlessly, or plays and partially stops, or just doesn’t play?

Is this intermittent issue I’m experiencing normal? Or are there other ways to get around this for more consistent success?
Any pointers would be appreciated!


Just an FYI I have been having the same problem here in Canada for about a week now. I think there is something wrong but I don’t know if it lies with CoRe integration or with text to speech. I’m leaning towards CoRe stuff right now, but then last night I had a Notify with sound play only part of the message and quit.

So I don’t think its a pointers issue so much as needing to log a support ticket issue. They thought they solved it, but its still not quite right.

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Just wanted to be sure that I was not the only one.
I’m not sure the issue relates soley against a specific smartapp, as I’m guessing they all use the same TTS engine for the speech. In which case, possibley just an intermittent issue with SmartThings TTS engine?
Unless someone else can give some further insights.

I found some pretty old threads about folk using external TTS solutions, when the TTS engine for SmartThings was out of order. Just wondering if folk are still using some alternative means for text speech which is more reliable? Would like to hear…