Can't Ajust Samsung R1 Volume with Core

Hi, I’m trying to adjust the volume of Samsung R1 Speaker with Core but is not working at all. I have tried several actions, (set Volume to, adjust level, fade to level) but no success. Does anyone knows what i’m doing wrong? I need to adjust the volume because every message that the speaker plays the volume gets lower by 5%. So after 3 or 4 messages the sound get’s to low to listen. I’m using the smartapp Media Render Events and configured to temporarily change the volume to level 50% on each message. But when the message plays the sound does not return to previously level. Example. If the speaker volume is 48%, after playing the message the volume goes to 42%. and after the next message 40, and then 36 and goes on getting lower every message. Does anyone knows how to help me?

I dont have an answer but I have seen similar behavior for the R1. Even when not using it with Smartthings but only as a wifi speaker this device is not very reliable. I have not had much time to look into it yet…

Tagging, so maybe I get mine fixed,too. :slight_smile: