New V3 app: notify if front door is open more than x minutes without using webcore?

I’m trying to setup a simple automation at my mother in laws house if the front door is open more then x.minutes to alert. I’m trying to do this on the new app but I can setup.tje.x.minutes in the automation
Any sughestions?


Here you go:

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Thanks but im.trying to avoid running webcore since I’m doing this at my mother in laws & trying to keep everything simple for her daughter. I do.hope smartthings fixes this because way to many simple things that were done in the classic app can not be done in the new app.

This is not webcore. Didn’t you see the link to some simple code that works within the mobile app?


Ok then I will try it. Thanks.


You don’t happen to have some code that will send the announcement to a sonos speaker, rather than a text do you?

See the FAQ:

FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)

Hi @TBonePickinz, no I don’t, sorry.