Notify you if a contact sensor has been open for a period of time

Is there a smartapp or setting that will alert you if a door/contact sensor is open for over 5 minutes?

Yes, it is called “Left It Open” under the “Convenience” category. I have added this SmartAPP for several of my contact sensors!

Check for it on the SmartApp marketplace under Convenience.

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I am not seeing a Convenience section, maybe im missing something

Use a custom action with your Smart Home Monitoring. I have one set to notify me if my garage door was left open for > 30 min. Go to SHM, click the gear icon. Select “custom”, then “new monitoring rule”. It’s pretty self explanatory from there :wink:


I’m sorry, that APP is located in the ST IDE in the Browse Template, in the mobile, a similar APP “Something Left Open” is located in the “Energy Management” Section.

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Ah got it, Thank you!

I’m having issues setting it up under Custom. Initially for testing purposes, i set up a custom monitoring rule to notify me if one of my doors was opened for 0 minutes. worked great. so then i bumped it up to 2 minutes, opened a door and left it open for more than 2 minutes. no notification. closed the door, changed it back to 0 minutes and then opened the door. got the notification.

With that said, I’m going to try the energy management method.

Hmmm, glad you mentioned. I set mine up, but never tested it. Maybe it isn’t working…

Update: I just tested mine. I changed from 30 min to 5 min and got the SMS that is has been open (I never pay attention to my notifications, so I never use that)

Hmmm. How do you have your “How Frequently?” section set up. I’m not even sure I understand this section. If I have “Only once per day” selected that means it only monitors this once per day. For example if i trigger this rule in the morning then it stops monitoring it for the rest of the day? If so, I don’t get when this setting would be used.

I pretty much have the frequency and the more options left at default, which means it should work every day, at all times, and without frequency limits.

Here is a screenshot, everything below the settings that are showing in the picture has a gray line - which means that it has not been activated. If yours shows a green line, just uninstal the instance and start over.

thanks. i’ll give that a go.

This is great. I had iControl back in 2006 and could do all of these things. In my rental property someone opens the doors the A/C turns off… things like that.
Saved me about $400+ a month during the summer in Daytona Beach.

iControl decided to go the ATT and ADT route and gave up on consumer direct.

Very sad day as every other HA system has sucked since then… I am coming from IRIS now and while their controls are great, and inexpensive compared to the rest, their Hub and “magic rules” were horrible. To this day you can’t control the thermostat with a contact sensor. What type of “magic” is that…

It’s nice to be back in 2006 technology with hope to moving forward.

Echo/Alexa coming in a few days. Really looking forward to moving forward in HA this year… not backwards! Thank you ST Community!

It’d be interesting to see how “Something Left Open” could use the same kind of persistent notifications that the Leak sensors use. When one of those trips their message stays there until it’s acknowledged. Might be kind of useful to have that for a this app.

This is really great, but is there a way to get it to perform a different action? I.e. if the fridge is open for 5 minutes turn the lights blue

Ty so much for doing all the hard work. I modified this to flip a switch, and set up a simulated switch to do the coloring. Fwiw, I think everyone who writes an app should include the ability to flip a switch - with simulated devices it gives it a ton of flexibility. Going to publish it to the market once I’m done testing.

Since pull requests don’t ever get approved…

Here it is