Speaker Companion with multiple speakers


One of the best features of the Bose SoundTouch app is the ability to stream the same music to a number of Bose speaker systems. I was hoping to do that with SmartThings, but can’t figure out how to do it. In the Speaker Companion SmartApp the “On this Speaker player” configuration only has radio buttons (to select a single speaker) instead of check boxes (to select multiple speakers).

Am I missing something, or is it possible that this ability will be added in a future release of this SmartApp?



For Samsung Multiroom Speakers, you group them in the Multi-room App first. Then you can play music and sound to all three through the SmartThings interface seamlessly. This works for the speakers (i.e., R1, R3, R5), but (possibly) not for the soundbars (HW-MS650 soundbar).

That’s exactly what I am looking for, but unfortunately I have Bose speakers.

Did you ever get this sorted out? I hit the same limitation when I wanted to broadcast SmartThing events across all speakers. Once I installed WebCore everything worked fine.