Sonos grouping/ungrouping

I have Sonos speakers in 5 rooms including a surround set in our family room, a couple pairs of ones in a few rooms and single ones in a couple rooms. Often we like to play the same music in all rooms and it’s easy to do in the Sonos app but I haven’t found a way to play the same thing in multiple rooms. Is there something I’m missing? How can we get this feature added!?

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Welcome to the Community, Are you using an Android Device running Android 9 or Higher?

I’d like to start off by suggesting to verify that you have Dual Audio enabled and Toggled for the Directly Connected Devices that you are wanting to have play the same audio in multiple rooms.

I wanted to provide you with a direct link for more information on Dual Audio:

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The Smartthings app doesn’t have a grouping feature for Sonos devices. However, I have seen in the IDE that it is aware of the speaker groups. So it seems like a custom DTH could be made to do it, but that’s currently above my technical capabilities to develop. I personally haven’t really found a need to have Sonos in Smartthings for listening purposes. I added them mostly to use with a SharpTools dashboard, which is cool for displaying what’s playing, but since it goes through SmartThings it has the same grouping limitation.

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