Alexa Voice through Samsung Multiroom Audio


I have 5 Samsung Multiroom speakers (R1s) and use these for messages via smartthings e.g. front door opens - hue lights change and a welcome message plays to guests.

I also have an Amazon Echo with Alexa and a remote. I was wondering if there is a way to pipe the audio output from the echo to ALL the multiroom speakers. E.g. Create a virtual device and have Alexa play its audio and responses out over that via bluetooth or > pipe that to other speakers.

Simply put to play whatever the echo plays via all the speakers instead. Can’t find any way to do this with WebCore or AskAlexa etc. Would appreciate any help.

This is something that is not ST related and you can not trigger Alexa voice via any SmartRule as of yet…

I do remember reading somewhere when I was looking into these that you had to have a compatible Samsung soundbar and assign the R1s as surrounds in order to get Bluetooth to play to multiple speakers…

However, this is listed on their website:

Thanks - however you may have misread the intention behind the post - I’m not looking to control the Echo / issue or trigger Alexa - this is done using the Echo remote.

I’m looking to have music etc played by the Echo play over the samsung multiroom speakers.

The soundbar option allows you to pair only two speakers to a compatible soundbar and this needs to be managed over the app each time and doesn’t work in this scenario.

To give you an example of what I’m trying to do, lets say you said Alexa, play music. The Echo or Echo Dot would play the music / or play over bluetooth to ONE speaker. I want to play to multiple speakers.

It has everything to do with Smart Things - If there is a way to use the hub as a go-between to do thie - i.e. connect and play music to the multiroom speakers from the Echo/Alexa via the Smarthub which sees both.

Would be so much easier if Amazon would just release multiroom audio.

Does it work with the Multi-room App outside of ST?

Not at the moment no - the Multiroom app only allows you to play music from your phone / spotify / tunein etc, and can’t integrate Alexa.

You can hook up ONE speaker via bluetooth but it doesn’t let you connect to the others then via wifi.

I’ve looked at having a 3.5mm jack adapter to 5x bluetooth transmitters but the range / sync delay makes that unusable.

It’s rumoured amazon will be releasing a skill that will allow multiroom audio with dots/echos which would mean all id need to do is buy a dot for each samsung speaker i wanted to include for that, but until that becomes a reality I am looking for another solution.

Just trying to get Alexa to play to the group of samsung speakers via the ST Hub. Surely there must be some way to do that.

Are you sure you can’t do this via the multiroom app using a Bluetooth source?

Sorry, it does not work at this time… I have the same setup. Multiroom only works while the Samsung speaker is set to Wifi and automatically disconnects when switching the speaker to Bluetooth.

I am also hoping for the multi-room capability for Echo.

Yup - Can only use one speaker when changing to bluetooth source

Along a similar line, I’m searching for a way to play music stored on my phone in a multiroom setup without needing to spend a fortune. I have no interest in setting up an account with a streaming service and paying £15/month when they don’t have a lot of the tracks I’d like to play.

We have four Echo Dots scattered around the house. Could I hook four different R1s via Bluetooth (or any other wireless or wired speaker), then Bluetooth music from my phone to my SmartThings Hub, and use Alexa’s voice controls to control it?

Can Alexa play music stored in your Amazon music cloud storage? You can do that with Google home and Google music.

No - Amazon removed the storage feature earlier this year. Disappointing.

All you could possibly achieve what you want by using the Samsung connect along with your speakers and a Bluetooth audio receiver.

The Samsung connect allows you to use traditional audio inputs to connect a receiver / tuner to your multiroom speakers. If your receiver also accepts Bluetooth then you could connect Alexa to the receiver and pipe the music through all the Samsung speakers

I meant linkmate not smart connect. Sorry.