Speaker Companion Voice Select tts

Ive seen in the Speaker Companion smartapp that there is an option to pick different voices when im using my Sonos Speaker. EG Brian, Amy, Emma, Ivy, Justin

Anyone know what TTS is being used for this as really want to use the same voice across all my smartapps. Speaker Companion does not cover all I want, so want to be able to use the same voices elsewhere.

Tried searching for the speaker companion code to see myself but have come across nothing.

Any help at all appreciated

Never mind, found this out myself after 2 weeks of searching.

Seems smart things is using AWS Polly by default now so you just need to tweek the speech code to append the name in most the apps

state.sound = textToSpeech(message instanceof List ? message[0] : message)
state.sound = textToSpeech(message instanceof List ? message[0] : message, “Amy”)
state.sound = textToSpeech(“Some text to speech”, “Filiz”)

Voices are here


March 24 2018 Speaker Companion not working via UPNP

I am having problems working Speaker Companion today. It does not generate either canned sounds (i.e…, dogs barking) not custom text. Had been working until yesterday afternoon.

Wanted to know if this is global or local. Your help is appreciated.

My configuration is a speaker using the same UPNP capability as is used by the Sonos DTH; therefore, I assume if I am having problems, you may also.