TTS voice between smartthings and bose sound touch

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Need some guidance from members, Currently i have Bose sound touch as smart speaker and webcore as smart app. The webcore trigger speak command based on activity to STs, which sends to bose soundtouch, every thing is perfect here except the voice quality which is not good. some one can guide me how to change the default voice, or can i use different smartapp to integrate with bose. I was looking something like Alexa voice, which is crisp and clear.


From the trace able to find the TTS request , by default request going via polly-tts gwyneth. Can i change this via different voice service. Thanks for guidance.

race myPlayTrackAndRestore: SoundTouch 10 :frowning:, 2, null)

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Guys can some one help me here, i have contact smart things support, they replied i am out of US or UK region, hence support not possible. Bought sound touch mainly for notification, but this TTS is killing me.

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I am having the same issue with my soundtouch 10. Is there a solution to fix how it to pronounce the voice correctly anyone?

Yes you can change the voice but not with webCore. You will need to modify the DTH of the Bose device. I’m not sure which you use. Another easier way is to use Big Talker 2. That one already has many choices for voice but of course on basic triggers.

I modified the DTH to allow webcore to change voices by creating a setvoice cuatom capability but I use LMS , Sonos, and VLC for speakers around the house. I don’t have the Bose dth