How to TTS

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I am attempting to build a sonos app to play a custom mp3 using the playTrackAndResume method, similar to what the notify with sound smartapp already does, but am having difficulty converting my text to an mp3 through a free service. Is there an example out there of how SmartThings currently does it with the Notify with Sound app?

(Ronny Carr) #2

All of the Sonos apps are available to view in the IDE. Great way to see how they are doing different things within the Labs apps.

(Subnet88) #3

I cant seem to find it, do you have directions to click through, or a url?

(Ronny Carr) #4

No problem, while editing an app’s code look in the upper right and there should be a link to “browse smartapps” or something similar.

This will show you a list of apps and the so is stuff is at the bottom. Clicking one will open a modal with the code and allow you to view diff and overwrite your app code. Or just copy/paste the bit you need!

Hope this helps,

SmartThings Text-To-Speech for Sonos (playText) not working?
(Ule) #5

hi @subnet88 , i think the principal problem to use tts is smarthings plataform is not working, the tts function thrown a exception each time a new message is trying to be converted,

I have found a work around