Speaker companion staying/going

hi does anyone know if speaker companion is staying or going .

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At this point, I would say it is going. But still early, who knows what will happen by Oct. 15th


Im still using the existing automations with speaker companion but dont seem to be able to add new ones now, i can still adjust the ones i have, not sure how long this will last.

Has Speaker companion now been officially deprecated? My sonos speaker/audio notifications haven’t been running the last couple of weeks. The Smartthings app seems to have turned them all off (the UI on/off switch when viewing it in Automations). When I try to turn them back on or edit them I get the error message pop-up, “Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.” However, when I go to Automations>add>Create Routine>Discover…Speaker Companion is no longer present. From what I can tell this is just no longer supported. I was relying on this, combined with my Sonos speakers, to create a “doorbell anywhere” function when paired with an Ikea Tradfri button at my front door. Worked for years but now seems like it may be irrevocably broken.

Are your speaker companion automations still working?

It worked on existing automations up to about 5 days ago, now i get the same as you, Im trying to find out who made “speaker companion” was it smartthings, Sonos or a 3rd party, i contacted sonos and smartthings to see if it has a future, best way over it for now is use notifications in smartthings but the volume can come over at max and is not controlled, the other way is to trigger alexa from smartthings then get the notification from alexa to your sonos if thats poss for you.

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Mine have all stopped. I have a few different setups. An Aeotec siren 6 and a Aeotec doorbell gen 5. As far as I can tell there is no way to make these work with a routine. I have another setup where I use an EcoLink chime/siren. This has not been affected, but it’s not loud enough for my environment. I need something I can do custom tones and sayings. Any suggestions? Thanks