Speaker companion error?

(Jonathan Musto) #1

Anyone else getting errors with the speaker companion smartapp and sonos? Under ‘Play a notification’, when ever i select a thing under ‘When…’ i get a ‘Failed to save’ error on the android app. The iOS app just crashes at the same point.

(Bobby) #2

You may need to use a different app. Just tested the Notifications add on for EchoSistant and it (still) works…

(Jonathan Musto) #3

Someone else must be having this same problem, surely? I don’t know of any other app I can use.

(Brent Fitzgerald) #4

@Jonathan_Musto yep, I’m seeing the same iOS app crash when I try to select something under “When…”

(Brad) #5

Please reach out to Support about this as we are tracking the issue.

(Gavin Melling) #6

I’ve not got this error, but my SONOS devices Sony resume music after a notification or change to another playlist/station.

(Jonathan Musto) #7

This issue seems to be resolved for me now. Everything is working as expected.

(Niveknow) #8

Does anyone get a long delay in when an event is trigger until the actual spoken announcement? I’m getting about 4-5 sections which renders this effectively worthless for my application. i.e. Kids ran out the front door and I don’t get a notice until they’re half way in the yard already. Others have reported this, but haven’t seen any fix/workaround. Thanks.

(Bobby) #9

Don’t know how comfortable you are with installing a custom app. But I would like to challenge you to try RemindR and report back if your lag improves.

RemindR has a “deafult” setting that routes tts to speaker using a “fast lane”. If you still have noticeble lag, then it means your connection is slow and the only way to speed it up is to run your speakers on Ethernet.