Speaker notify with sound missing?

(Dan Carter) #1

Under smartapps the Speaker notify with sound is missing?

(Bobby) #2

It has been redesigned and renamed as Speaker Companion

(Joe Bolanos) #3

“Redesigned” now I cannot use this to track unwanted openings before u had alarm sounds now what whenever someone plays music should I believe someone entered my house?


Yep redesigned, everything is still there :blush:

(Bobby) #4

Like these? They are all there…when you select ‘play a notification’…

(Joe Bolanos) #5

And… you are right… hasty comment… I couldn’t find it since I was already pushing “play” in the first me option so they disappear. Well thanks bobby.


Anyone else getting an error when they try to setup a custom notification saying that they can’t select a speaker?

(Bobby) #7

Try remindR, save yourself some grief while accomplishing a lot more…