SPDT 24VAC Zwave Relay


I am working to automate several of my pool functions and incorporate them into my backyard automation project. I have the pump and pool lights done. I am working on the valve for the waterfall. I need a SPDT 24VAC relay I can use to actuate the valve. I have looked at the mimolite and it looks like it will work. The issue is space. By the time I use 12VDC to power it and install a 24VAC transformer, and the mimolite it gets rather crowded in the box. What else have folks used for these kinds of applications?


Is there 120vac available?, remotec zfm80 could be an option

Yes, I have a 15A breaker. I looked at the ZFM80 but could not determine if I could use it as a SPDT relay.


zfm80 is SPST, do you really need SPDT?, seems unusual given the application.

I believe so. Here is a pdf file with the wiring diagram and description.

Wiring Diagram

Yea it does, the motor uses the second pole in the switch to reverse.
The zfm80 isn’t going to work without a second relay.

A curtain module from zipato might work.

After reading another thread, I decided to give 24vac a try with my zfm-80s. Seems to work.

Read this post for SPDT Z-wave relay:

Are you using the ZFM-80s with 24VAC supply or just switching 24VAC with the relay? I am trying to find a zwave device that powers with 24VAC. If this ZFM-80s will work with 24VAC supply voltage, that would be perfect.

Looks like the ZFM-80 requires 120/240VAC input power.