SPDT 24VAC Zwave Relay



I am working to automate several of my pool functions and incorporate them into my backyard automation project. I have the pump and pool lights done. I am working on the valve for the waterfall. I need a SPDT 24VAC relay I can use to actuate the valve. I have looked at the mimolite and it looks like it will work. The issue is space. By the time I use 12VDC to power it and install a 24VAC transformer, and the mimolite it gets rather crowded in the box. What else have folks used for these kinds of applications?


(Mike Maxwell) #2

Is there 120vac available?, remotec zfm80 could be an option


Yes, I have a 15A breaker. I looked at the ZFM80 but could not determine if I could use it as a SPDT relay.


(Mike Maxwell) #5

zfm80 is SPST, do you really need SPDT?, seems unusual given the application.


I believe so. Here is a pdf file with the wiring diagram and description.

Wiring Diagram

(Mike Maxwell) #7

Yea it does, the motor uses the second pole in the switch to reverse.
The zfm80 isn’t going to work without a second relay.

(Cody Truscott) #8

A curtain module from zipato might work.

(Cody Truscott) #9

After reading another thread, I decided to give 24vac a try with my zfm-80s. Seems to work.

(Jasony) #10

Read this post for SPDT Z-wave relay: