comments spam

Couldnt think of the best place to put this, so its general.
My projects comments are inundated with spam… I get at least a page full of it a day!!
Are you guys looking into a fix? Captcha? something?
I dont want to delete my project as I am about to get back on it… but I also dont want to spend time ever day deleting spam.


I second the request.

I was deleting the spam daily but have grown tired of it and stopped doing it. I know ST is evaluating a new platform. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

I run an online community and it took us the better part of a year to install all the right anti-spam measures. It’s nice to be spam-free. I use the vBulletin platform and from what I pickup on the video calls, ST loathes vBulletin. But that’s okay.

@twack will appreciate this one: “Pick a platform already @ben_edwards:slight_smile: