Bose Soundtouch on List of Devices

I saw that Bose Soundtouch was listed as a supported device and jumped up and down (As I went this route and not the route of Sonos) I can’t find any posts about this integration. Is this part of the things to come?

I got rid of my UBI and replaced it with Alexa and realized that I no longer have audio notifications when doors open so I’m anxious to see what this brings.

At this time that is all I use my Ubi’s for, notification and any wiki inquiries.

The integration will go live later this morning. Check back in around noon PT.

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I haven’t been this excited for technology in a very long time. Thank you!

Sadly I had issues getting my v2 order in… finally got it to go through this AM. complete comedy of errors.

yeah, semi tempted to plug her back in.

I use the Big Talk app and a few customize Apps to get the types of responses I need. Short of using a Raspberry Pi, dedicated tablet or always on computer with the appropriate software and link it to The Echo via Bluetooth, I think I will deal with my Ubis a little longer.