Sound alarm when flood detector alerts

I am attempting to create a smart app to set off an alarm when my flood detectors trigger. My skills in writing code are lacking so it is not going well. I think all I need is to modify the smart-security.groovy code to add flood detectors and push notifications. This would take care of everything I need for this project. Would someone be willing to assist in modifying the code?

Have you considered having the flood sensor trigger a Fortrezz Siren/Strobe:

By the way, using a Utilitech (Everspring) Flood Detector as a base, I’m Frankensteining it into a system for my RV and later for my home by connecting a constellation of sensors to it. The ST app will notify be via Push/Text and alternately, I could sound the Fortrezz, though a bit loud in the same room with you :slight_smile:

Sirens can only be triggered with smoke detectors in SmartThings. Seems like an oversight to me.

I use IFTTT as an alternative.

@beckwith - You can trigger the Fotrezz siren/strobe that @jbeletti linked to directly from the Damage & Danger Dashboard config as well as from SmartApps. It is an option when setting up a moisture sensor, a movement/vibration sensor, or open/close sensor in that Dashboard.

@kg4fku - I hope that helps.


That is great! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find how to do this. I see where you can configure Damage and Danger smoke detector to use the siren but I can’t find it under “Leaks and Floods” nor any of the others. Is there a newer version?

I have made a quick video showing how to set this up. Are you sure you have a compatible siren set up?


That looks really cool. My Droid app version 1.5.7 does not have this capability. Is there a newer one or is the Droid version not the same as iphone?

I have the SmartAlert Fortrezz Siren.

What leak detector do you have?


I have one Everspring and three SmartSense Moisture Sensors which I think are rebranded Fortrezz.


Since my Android app doesn’t include the siren set up like your iPhone version, do I open a support ticket? Does anyone else using an Android have the same issue?

I have an iphone and I don’t have that option either - do you need a siren already connected to get the option??


Thanks for checking. I have a siren so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. Guess it is time to submit a ticket to support.

I know ST plans on adding this to the dashboard (which makes sense). But in the mean time I was able to get the siren to go on using the new “Rule Builder”. I tested it and it worked perfect! I feel more comfortable using this than IFTTT.

Awesome job guys!

Ok so, as of today the ability to do this in Dashboards is live. More info here:

Here’s the video:


Looks great. I tried it but I must have been impacted by the hub connectivity issues because the siren did not go off. I’ll test again tomorrow when everyone else is out of the house.

By the way, this is what motivated me to get SmartThings. My old battery operated water sensor failed when my sump pump stopped. So I looked for something better and now have 45 devices.

You still can’t add the siren from the motion dashboard. I had to add it under damages and danger.

Beckwith - you mentioned a custom rule builder. I don’t see this. Where is it?


I could add it fine, but when I tested it by tripping the moisture sensor, the siren did not go off. However, I think that was because of the server issues ST had last night. It tested out great this morning. It even shut off the siren when the moisture sensor dried.

I now have “Rule Builder” on my dashboard. I was able to add it through the IDE which I documented in another thread. It seems it is under development and somehow I was able to turn it on in my account. It allows you to create apps like IFTTT but more complex boolean logic (ands as well as ors). When you step through the rule builder it creates an app. There is a little delay before the app shows up and it does not show up in the dashboard as you would think. But I’m sure these are kinks they are working out.

I was able to create a rule to turn on the siren in minutes. I didn’t write a rule to automatically turn off the siren after it was dry. I didn’t want to risk one sensor turning off the other sensor siren.

Doing it from the dashboard handled automatically turning off the siren just perfectly.

welp I checked the ide. I don’t have the rule builder. =(


How did you add the Rule Builder in the IDE?

Click “My Locations” and then on your location. Click on “List Solutions” and then on “Install” to the right of Rule Buiilder. The Rule Builder will now display on your phones dashboard.