Mobile app - siren capability

I wish that the Mobile app can be a siren. So that when an alarm occurs my cellphone can make a loud noise not just a notification.

that’s up to you to pick a siren notification tone.

then all smartthings notificaitons will use the siren. I only want real siren event to sound as siren

This only makes sense – Alerts / Notifications have levels in the real or physical world:

  1. Information – you might never want to know this, I won’t bother you
  2. Warning – you want to know this, but I won’t bother you
  3. Serious Alert – you NEED to see this NOW - Wake UP!
    On Android, Tasker can do this I am told. Have not tried it.
    ST should.

Probably could do this with ifttt and a virtual switch. Isn’t there a notification service someone has integrated with ST?

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