Can I have only the strobe light and not siren? (FortrezZ Alarm)

I have the FortrezZ Siren Strobe Alarm with my Smartthings system. Just wondering if I can have it only trigger the strobe light without the siren when certain things happen…

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According to the IDE documentation, the alarm capability does have separate strobe and siren commands

Alarm capability.alarm
alarm — [“off”, “on”]

Hmm. Just trying to do it through the app and I don’t see how. Anyone have this set? Any step-by-step instructions would be awesome.

You may want to check out our IFTTT integration which allows you to trigger a siren strobe based on a variety of events.

Our Smart Security SmartApp has a silent alarm functionality that will strobe the siren but it’s reliant on specific series of events to trigger. You’ll have more flexibility if you go the IFTTT route for now.

Thanks Tyler. Just wondering how I can set up this recipe? I’ll muck around with it…

Did you get this working ? And if so how?

Any advice here? Would love to be able to do this through the Smart Home Monitor app.


There’s an app called ‘Smart Security’ that allows you to choose silent alarm. It works. In fact, because of some glitches with the new built-in security I’m using it now and used it for quite some time prior to switching to v2 hub.

Brian, Is it possible to have siren give one or two beeps when a door opens while in the ARM (stay) mode but to continuously sound in the ARM(away) mode?

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