My Fortrezz Siren troubles and false alarms

It goes off sometimes with triggers I don’t remember setting it up to. I’m just wondering how I troubleshoot. It has no attached smartapps. I haven’t found a way to see what triggers it’s set to.

I unplugged it and I’m timid to plug it in since it seems to be set off easily. Is there a way to only make it go off for a certain amount of time?

Anyone here have success with a setup that doesn’t trigger false alarms?

It has some tamper alarms. If power is removed, for example, it sounds for a few seconds. Could this be what is happening? Maybe the power supply is marginal. You might try turning on the SmartThings logs and see if anything is recorded there.

I haven’t had any false alarms from this siren yet. I have it configured to go off when a smoke detector or moisture sensor is triggered as well as “intrusions”. No false triggers yet.

By the way, I designated one switch to turn off the siren just in case of a false alarm. I used “The Big Switch” app to turn off the alarm. I showed it to the family so they know how to shut it off in case of a false alarm.

One time it was just triggered and I have no clue why. I only set it to one door and that wasn’t what triggered it and there’s been no power outage. It kept going off until I turned it off. In fact, the strobe goes off quite often. It’s not like I can do what I do with the other apps and see the smart apps attached to it because somehow, that doesn’t appear for the Fortrezz the same way.

Something is wrong here. When I tap the siren SmartApps button, it displays all 8 I have defined with mine. I would contact support.


When you use a switch, can you specify for it to turn off after a certain amount of time after it’s been triggered? I just want it to turn off after 20 seconds no matter if it’s a false alarm or not.

Mike did you ever figure out your FortrezZ Siren false alarms? Still happening?
I’m thinking about buying one.

I’m running into issues where it gets triggered by the motion detector, but when the siren sounds, it begins with a short chirp, then two or three broken chirps, then sounds for maybe 4 or 5 seconds, then chirps again and stops… Almost like its run out of power, or there’s a loose connection somewhere… When I ran the siren test by itself, it worked flawlessly, so I’m not sure why when it’s setup with actions, the siren seems like it’s broken… Are some of these just faulty?

I’m looking for an app or patch for ST that requires 2 motion sensors to be tripped to activate the alarm but still only takes 1 contact sensor? The people at IRIS finally made this available and I never had any false alarms after that. My areas all have 2-3 motion sensors so the system worked perfectly.