SmartThings CoreSDK Javascript

Getting Started With CoreSDK JS

The SmartThings Core SDK is a wrapper designed to simplify the use of the SmartThings REST API from JavaScript and TypeScript applications. This is the very first release of this SDK and should be considered a work in progress. Changes may still be made that are not backwardly compatible.


  • Samsung Account
  • SmartThings Account with at least one device
  • Github Account or Glitch Account


In this tutorial we will use Glitch but you should be able to follow along with any express enabled node environment.


Glitch to Remix:
PAT Token Page

YouTube Video

Now Try This:


Will be working on a part two for this over the weekend to actuate devices. Anything else you would like to see?


Your Glitch page doesn’t show the devices, just says “loading devices…”?

You need to watch the video above. It will only show loading devices until you add your own PAT token.

  1. Remix the project
  2. Put you own PAT token in the .env file
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Another note:

This project is for learning how to create an application using the CoreSDK. The token is tied to your personal ST account so keep things private.

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Understood and thanks!

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