Sooooo Frigging Slooooowwwww

(Geko) #1

This sucks! Totally unusable. Initializing an app takes forever. Getting TimeoutExceptions all over the place.

1:41:38 AM PST: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds @ line 75
1:41:09 AM PST: trace Deleting all scheduled jobs for InstalledSmartApp: xxxx
1:41:08 AM PST: trace Remind to Lock is attempting to unsubscribe from all events

Line 75 is unschedule():

def updated() {

Philips Hue system - Questions for those who own these
(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

All I can offer is commiseration. The platform’s problems, continued lack of documentation, and not being able to get answers as to why things don’t work, have me looking forward to “the next big thing” (whatever that may be).

(DLee) #3

The one-off quirks with things and in-app slowness of Android app have been really painful for 2 or 3 weeks now. I spent like an hour simply reconfiguring basic smartapps for the xmas tree and some xmas lights outlets on Sunday. This task should have taken five minutes. Waiting for everything in the Android app to load with each window change is just awful. Kind of ruined my holiday lighting setup experience. The time it takes to setup a simple Big Switch config between two things is just silly right now, plus the lag before the app actually starts working. I had much better experiences 2 or 3 months ago.

Also one GE outlet started a weird refresh circle icon flickering issue in app activity view, as if the device config was corrupt but I could see events in IDE. It finally stopped responding a day later and had to exclude and re include and setup again.

The major outage and instability issues of months past didn’t bother me as I chalked that up to growing pains and underlying system upgrades. But the declining performance in recent weeks and continued lack of anything new on the software side releasing from ST itself is disappointing. No updates on ETAs for official device type support for Nest and others, no new smartapps. What was the last thing actually released by ST? Obything and a couple niche ultra simple smartapps?

Everything new and actually useful (device types and smartapps) comes from the community. Meanwhile the platform is getting more painful to use over time. I cringe as I see more and more ST marketing blog posts and public events while the actual platform quality declines from a usability point of view. My reviews to friends have declined from 4 stars to about 2.5 over recent weeks. It shouldn’t be this painful and slow!

(trac starr) #4

Well, I do agree with everything said… but the problem is there is no where to turn. I was a revolv user and got shot in the head there. But, it wasn’t without it’s own problems.

The other more expensive options are also not without their own problems. It’s a growing industry. I think we will all be jumping ship several times before that “perfect” solution exists.

As someone who embraces technology, one thing that comes with it is growing pains, frustration and empty pockets.

The BIG thing ST has going for it is the community contributions and ability to develop your own things. But, that comes with the troubles we’re seeing. As someone who’s worked with big data solutions, it’s never easy and a few weeks is not enough time to get kinks worked out. I can only hope they can figure it out - but being more transparent would go a long way.

(Geko) #5

I’m seriously considering switching back to Vera. The new re-designed Vera Edge is out and looks promising - more memory for custom plug-ins, faster processor and WiFi. Just waiting for the first user reviews.