(Andy - United Kingdom) #1

Is it just my system or is anyone else getting the dreaded “java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException”?
Quite a few of my apps that use runIn() seem to be failing with the timeout exception.
I’m wondering if it’s local latency or just another platform problem :frowning:

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #2

We have been having issues with Scheduled SmartApps in EU today, I’m not sure if you are in that shard

(Andy - United Kingdom) #3

I’m in the UK so yes :slight_smile:

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #4

Things should be back to mostly back to normal :slight_smile: it does look like a number of schedules are missing. We were able to resolve the issues that happened to the scheduled SmartApps in for europe and are working on adding guardrails so this particular issue won’t happen again.

(Andy - United Kingdom) #5

Thanks for the info Luke.
Appreciate the replies.