Front door opens and alarm goes off


I am having a weird issue and I am not sure how to resolve it. This is a cry for help as it has been happening for a while. When my wife is home the and she open the frond door, the alarm goes off. Only the front door. This is the standard SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor. I have removed and re-added the device. It is had to reproduce the issue. Is there a better log to look at? The Activity Feed I don’t know what else to look for. On Tuesday, she says she did not do the Routine changes at 3:33PM.

This is the device.

This is the Device Log.

Message Logs

I’m tired, so others will have to help you with the details, but it’s almost certainly in the smart home monitor settings for “armed home” based on the messages you posted.

It’s probably triggering on “all” motion sensors, which is why there isn’t anything that you set up for that individual device.

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It only happens when she open the Font door sensor. It it the ST Branded Door “Contact”. She can walk all day in front of both motion sensors and not trigger a thing. Would the motion sensor make this happen?

Just depends on the exact set up. But you need to look at what sensors you have assigned to report “intrusions” on the armed Home configuration page for smart home monitor.

To add to this, if you decide you want to KEEP the door sensor as a monitored device for intrusion when your home.

Possibly get some kind of button controller next to the door so your wife could put SHM in home mode while she opens the door. Then back in Armed Home after she’s done.

From that top notification log it looks as though the Front Door MP sensor must be set up to trigger an alarm in Armed Home. There might be a presence issue also. At 8:29 it says she left and the system went from Alarm Disable to Alarm Home. Then at 8:48 the door was opened, I am assuming by her.

I would like to keep it, but why is this happening? I think she is not gone long enough out of the geofence and it is not able to change back quick enough when she takes the kids to school in the morning.

Yes by her.

I have decreased the size of the geofence. Should I change the presence timeout?

What was confusing me was it looks you set your alarm/SHM to armed home when she is actually away instead of armed away. Then her return presence is not firing before she opens the front door. Shrinking the geofencewould do the opposite. If possible try opening the geofence, if possible, to give the presence detection more time to kick in and change it to disarm before she opens the door.

Did you look in the SHM settings like @JDRoberts suggested? If the door sensor is set to trigger in Armed Home then it’s doing what it’s supposed too.

If your counting on presence to switch the mode BEFORE she opens the door. Then yes it could be a timing issue.

I don’t use SHM for this reason, because you can sometimes (rare but did happen) unlock the door and the system detects the door open BEFORE it has time to change SHM and mode of the house. This could easily be reproduced by locking the door, walking to the car then remember you forgot something. When you walk up unlock the door and open it you are faster than the system and it thinks your an intruder.

Sorry in my previous discussion I was thinking she just opened the door while she was home. By the Armed Home state of SHM. I missed the whole presence leaving then coming thing.

You could try to reduce the geofence and the timeout value. I personally don’t know if it will help. I gave up on SHM and turned it off. Same for my locks alarm for intrusion. Neither was reliable enough or worth the effort to fix.

Thanks for the Quick reposes! She leaves at 8:30ish AM to drop the kids off at school. The school is just on the other side of the freeway. It takes the presence monitor till 8:37 AM to see her leave. She may be already on her way back at this time. That is why I shrank the Geo-fence. I have taken more screen shots. It seems that it sees her come home, but does not fire the disable alarm routine. SOME INFO. I do use Alarm Stay because the motion sensors see the cats.

Updated today.

She left at 8:37am

It even says she returned at 8:46am

She is in the “Someone Arrives” in the Disable Alarm Routine.

What does it show in the messages screen for when it changed modes due to her arrival?

She arrived and was in the door in 2 Minutes, does your system have enough time to send the arrival to cloud, and change to disable alarm mode before she opens the door? I know 2 minutes seems like a long time but it may not be long enough?

Just guessing?

In the Disable alarm routine you are using, is there anything in the Set Smart Home Monitor To section? It looks like is catching her returning but nothing is changing SHM to your disarmed before the triggering event for the alarm. This could be due to not enough time before the door opens triggering the alarm or the task telling SHM to be switched to a disarmed state is missing/broken.

From the last image on the first post it really looks like a time issue. The door opens triggering the alarm then disable alarm is ran, then mode is changed to alarm disable.

What is after the 8:48 in the last screen shots? Did the presence kick in and run the disable alarm routine and security set to disarm?

These are the next 2 screens rhoffer. I am trying to find out from her if the Disable alarm was fired by her on the app or if it was by presence. I think both of you are right. What is the time out for the routine change? I guess it makes sense since we don’t want gobs of code running one right after the other.

It Seems to work correctly otherwise. If she is gone for an hour, it works fine.

Could this be an issue?

I just talked to her. She fired the Disable Alarm Routine manually. This only happens when she comes back too fast. If you notice there is a CoRE that fires as a push notification. I told her to listen for that so she know that the alarm is disabled.

Looks like it is working just not fast enough. She will just have to take a little time coming in the house and listen for the push or change it manually if she is in a hurry!

My daughter’s school is right across the street and she uses a ST FOB (no phone yet). We can’t use our phones for presence because of the small geofence to get it to disarm when she comes back from school. We ran into the same time problem of having to wait driving in the driveway.

Sorry ,I’m kinda lost in all this.

Is core controlling the states or SHM? Why is core sending notifications when I think SHM can?

I still think it’s a timing issue, or conflicting control.
Possibly look into a keypad or something to allow her to disable the alarm when she gets there before the system catches up?

Has to be a better way then just sitting and waiting for everything to catch up to her.

Correct me if I am wrong. The SHM will only push notify if the alarm is tripped. It does not push when the alarm is set or disabled.

I’m sure your right, I gave up on SHM a long time ago.

In my opinion your counting on it changing modes, detecting changes, sending notifications, triggering alarms and such with a variable amount of time in the mix.

When it’s working and everything happens at the pace or sequence you set it up for it probably works.
The whole cloud turnaround and such just got in the way for me. Tired of false alarms because I opened the door to fast, or whatever.

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