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Hi I have just purchased a Smartthings Starter kit, and I have managed to get my Sonos to announce a Welcome Home Message, I have it set to detect when the Front Door is opened and I am within the geofence area, the only problem I have is overtime I open my Front Door, it say the Welcome Home message, is there anyway to allow it to play once when I enter the geofence area and open the door, and then not to play again, until I have left the area and returned.
Thanks and Regards Mick

Yes… with either a state variable or virtual device, which would be flipped the first time the door is opened with you being present, and reset when you leave.

Then modify your rule for if your present AND the state or the device status.

Thanks For the Quick Reply
I am not sure what you mean by a state variable or virtual device, sorry but I am a total newbie, as only purchased my Smartthings this afternoon, could you please try to explain what I would need to do, to get this working,(In Newbie terms if possible Please :slight_smile: ) or a link that might explain it.
Thanks again for the reply

Install CoRE, there’s an extensive thread on the forum. It does take a bit of learning but it will be able to let you do pretty much everything you want.

Do a search here on virtual switch; plenty of info exists on how to create one.

What are you using currently to activate the welcome?

SmartThings allows you to create a “virtual device” which will be treated by SmartThings just like a physical device even though it only exists as a listing in a device table on your account.

So if you create a virtual switch, it will show up on the list of switches in your mobile app, and you can tap its entry to turn it on or off. And you can have turning the virtual switch on or off trigger other events in SmartThings. You could also have your virtual switch turned on or off automatically just like any of your other switches. :sunglasses:

Here’s the FAQ on creating a virtual switch:

First, though, it sounds like you might be able to use the intro to scheduling as well:

Thanks everyone for the Help, I will check out the links, and see if I can suss it out, At the moment I am using the Contact Opens on the front door,Arrival Of (Michael’s Key Fob)
Best Regards

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Ok thanks to the help on here I have set up a virtual switch called Home/Away.
I have also created a routine called In all night.
I have set the Virtual Switch to OFF when I run The Routine, which it does set it to.
I have set the Speaker Notify with Sonos App to trigger if
On Arrival of my iPhone or Sensor
Front Door is open
and Home/Away Virtual switch is set to ON
but it still makes the Welcome announcement when the Virtual switch is set to OFF.
Am I doing something wrong or should it work like that ?
Here is a Screenshot of my Configuration Screen.

I just took a look at the “Speaker Notify with Sound” app and it is not conditional. Adding an input with a switch capability simply adds the switch as another trigger, and NOT a conditional filter for when other triggers may fire.

I am afraid you might have to get your hands dirty with this and code what you want. The bright side is much of what is in this app you can throw out (you just need presence, the door, and the virtual switch).

It is possible that the big new rules engine on the block (CoRE) may do what you want, but I try to avoid huge, do everything apps due to complexity and possible bugs (in the source or in SmartThings itself).

I believe that you’ll find it pretty rewarding (and not that much of a learning curve) to create SmartApps for yourself to address your specific needs. Plus there are lots of examples available in the IDE to get you started (including the one you are already using), and help here once you commit to DIY.


Thanks for checking it out scottinpollock, I will have a look at coding,its a long long time ago since I have done any coding (Amiga Basic Language) :slight_smile: but you are right probably once I get a grip of it, I might enjoy the DIY route.