Yale Lock Manager, welcome user when they open the door?

Hi. I’ve recently installed the Lock Manager and quite new to smartthings.

I’ve configured a user in the Lock Manager but wondering if it’s possible to associate that user with a welcome message played through my sonos speakers, with a slight delay to give them chance to enter the house.

I’ve tried multiple things but don’t seem to be getting far with it.

Many thanks

Try webcore. It gives you option to creat specific automations based on which users code is entered.

Many thanks. I’ve installed webcore and managed to get it to play a text message to sonos when the door is unlocked for a specified slot on the Yale.

However I’m not sure how to call the variable for the name assigned to the user in that slot and include it in the played text messagd. Do you know how I can find out which variable is used? Thanks

Unfortunately, the lock DTH does not store the user name. That information is stored in the SmartApp. I don’t think you can access it with webCoRE. What you can do is create an array variable associating user name to the code slot used.

How to create arrays

Hi. Thanks for that.

I think my issue with the array would be that the user associated with the slot will change frequently. The aim is to welcome guests including their name.

Unless I can read in the slots to the array but then I guess that goes back to my original situation of not being about to access that information from the Yale. Unless I can somehow access that Information from the Lock Manager.

If that is the case, I think you may be stuck with needing an enhancement added to the Lock Manager SmartApp code.