Sonos weather report

(Retlas) #1

Hi Guys

Just linked up my sonos to ST. Really cool stuff - got my mailbox already rigged up.

Can’t seem to figure out though how to get the weather report as demoed in the smart house.

Any ideas?

(Retlas) #2

Spoke with support, they are working on it along with some new features.

(Chris Compton) #3

Any eta provided? I’d hate to piece together my own app/setup just to have an easier supported method come out from ST before I’m done.

(Joel) #4

It’s still an issue… sorry for bring up old post… but i really hope ST are still fixing this

(Jovan) #5

did you install the app? + sign, tab to More, smartthings labs, play a weather report app. then select your sonos device, put in your zip, choose the time to have it played.

mine works frequently, but not every day…

(Joel) #6

yeah. many times over :slight_smile:

It did work at one point, but has just stopped. re installed, ungrouped sonos speakers. tried everything. really cool feature too!

(Cody Farmer) #7

Anyone know why when I set my alarm clock through ST with a desired radio station for some reason once my home status changes it alerts sonos that it changed state then it won’t go back to my alarm settings. How do I get sonos to stop reporting house mode change?