Sonos Issues after update?

Sonos has been reliable for me for a long time. But I’m suddenly having issues. I see the commands being sent. Nothing is happening. I know there was just a sonos update. Is anyone having issues with sonos after their recent update?

Figured I’d look here before bothering with a support ticket for a labs integration.

No “new” issue as of the latest update…

@greg you might still want to open a ticket so that they know…

I am also experiencing a few recent Sonos issues.

  1. I set up an alert to play a sound when my garage door opens. The sound is no longer playing, but I do notice that the volume increases (to the “temporary volume” that I set up) on the currently playing music .
  2. Resume music after the alert sometimes initiates the music in the Sonos queue instead of playing the specific track that was interrupted by the alert.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Sonos Connect and the associated alerts after the Sonos update, but the issues continue.

I have contacted support. I’ll post something if it gets resolved.

My guess is its related to either the recent Sonos update or the recent ST child device update.

FWIW, I’m having a Sonos issue as well, regarding the “weather forecast” Lab. I had it set to trigger once a day based on a motion detector, and it broke a few days ago.

I had initially thought it might be DST-related so I was going to let it go and see if it got patched, but I suppose I’ll go ahead and file a support request.

Are any of your sonos apps working?

Actually, yes. I have a custom audible alarm message for the 2 moisture detectors in my basement, and both of those just worked in a test.

The “Sonos notify wih sound” is no longer working for me.

correction, it is working for some reason I had to specify under which mode it can be triggered

FWIW, my Sonos Weather Report triggered normally this morning. Murphy’s Law; as soon as I complain about it in the forum, the issue goes away. I may chalk it up to some DST thing.

Yeah that hasn’t happened for me. Usually once I email support the issues goes away. No such luck. I’m getting the following error from sonos connect. Support hasn’t commented on the logging I’ve provided. Sonos worked for me for quite some time before this. The issue appears to be my sonos bridge. Is anyone else here still using the bridge?

warn UNVERIFIED PLAYERS!: [uuid:RINCON_000E5843D15C01400::urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:ZonePlayer:1:[port:0578, ssdpUSN:uuid:RINCON_000E5843D15C01400::urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:ZonePlayer:1, mac:000E5843D15C, devicetype:04, hub:41496f14-920f-4cb4-a9f3-cd77cba0cea9, ssdpPath:/xml/device_description.xml, ssdpTerm:urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:ZonePlayer:1, ip:0A000108]]

Gave up and decided to reinstall sonos

Now I’m having issues uninstalling Sonos. ugh
I’ve deleted all sonos smart apps, hello home phrases etc. Can’t uninstall sonos connect. Only error message is “an unexpected error occurred”. I’m guessing that won’t be much help to support since my specific logging errors are no help either. But I sent it to them anyway.

Successfully reinstalled Sonos Connect and have working Soni today. However I’m still logging the same “warning” in sonos connect. I’m going to give it a few days to see if it stays working before I reinstall all my sonos apps.

But I’m Happy to have my sonos back

I’m still using a Bridge too. The Forecast lab app went out again, so I may be contacting support after all.

All my button remote commands via webcore stopped working 3 weeks ago. Had next track, play, volume up and volume down… it just doesn’t respond since the update.


It probably wasn’t due to the update mentioned in this thread, which happened three years ago

HAHAHA - I shall just go and drown myself in shame!

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