Sonos Voice Notification Issues (Sound doesn't resume when using TV)

I just purchased a Sonos Playbar and love that I can use it with Smartthings for notification (i.e. “Motion on the front porch”) but when I am watching TV, the TV sound will not resume after a notification. I read this was an issue back in 2016 or 2018 and clearly still seems to be an issue. Has anyone found any solution? TIA!

What is the way how you set up your notification? And what DH is the Sonos using?

It is just a guess, but the method used for the notification is Play And Resume, but the resume function doesn’t really know what to resume as the TV input is not a track to resume.

I just tried this out using my Sonos Move while listening to music and it worked as expected, I think @GSzabados logic is sound as for why this doesn’t work how you’d like it to. How do you get TV sound to resume? Perhaps we could find a creative way to automate this.

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I agree, my music doesn’t continue after an announcement/notification but my bigger concern is that the voice notification (i.e. the garage door is open) repeats itself 3-6 times for every announcement and cannot figure out why.

Anyone else having the same repeating notification issue?

I tried using Speaker Companion in the classic ST app and tried creating an automation in the new ST apps. Both work but both don’t resume TV sound. I think you’re right that it doesn’t know how to resume. I read something similar from a thread probably 4 years ago… but I guess there’s still no fix. I imagine it would work fine with music or a Sonos One that isn’t taking in the TV sound.

I’m not sure what “DH” is.

@Wolfpack, can you check it in the IDE? Or have you recently paired your Sonos or long-long time ago?

The new DH was released last year September maybe. That is the Websocket one. The old DH was there for years. The old one supports the line/aux input to be selected but it is a bit tricky. The new one unfortunately doesn’t support the source inputs yet. (I just guess that you connected the TV with a line in input and not by Bluetooth.)

@Wolfpack, @garrett.kranz, FYI

I think that is exactly the same kind of usecase and issue.

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I’m surprised this has been an issue that hasn’t been resolved for at least the last 4 years. But maybe most people don’t use Playbars for this purpose. My work around right now is when the TV is on, Harmony turns on the “TV Power” to on and the automation will not trigger when “TV Power” is ON. So essentially if Playbar is in use by the TV, I don’t get the notifications.


Same exact problem.
I’m using WebCore for notifications.
Sonos PlayTrackAndResume/PlayTrackAndRestore plays the track just fine, but never resumes.

Would love to find a solution with these expensive speakers

i’m also unable to control my Sonos speakers or see their status in ST for the last few days
BigTalker-sonos mod is also unable to send notifications to the devices…
Not sure what the issue is…

@BatraD Which model do you have? Have you updated to S2 or still on S1?

Is it by any chance a “legacy” device?

All my devices are newer, updated to S2.

When I check in web portal, all the device IPs are wrong.

Tried rebooting the hub, sonos devices as well as my router. Still wrong IP for the sonos

@BatraD, That is definitely a problem. Try to assign fixed IPs to your Sonos devices in your router, preferably the previous ones, what you see in the IDE.

Or, try to do the following.

  1. Turn off the power on your Sonos and power it on then. It will start the device from scratch and it will connect to your network and start broadcast for network discovery.
  2. Start a device search in the new or classic app. The network discovery should pick up your Sonos device. (In theory…)

@GSzabados - already done multiple times

No change

Had Sonos S2 for a while, stopped working last week…

Have you managed to assign the same IP address as in the IDE?

can you change IP in IDE ? did not think it was possible

I only see the MAC Address, under device ID, which is correct

That should update in the IDE when the device is discovered. I meant to wrote, that have you assigned the IPs what you have in the IDE to the Sonos speakers? Then restart everything especially the router if some other devices were occupying those addresses.

You should write a smartapp for it :wink:

I would also appreciate if it doesn’t say things 2.5 times. “There’s motion on the front porch. There’s motion on the front porch. There’s motion on the”