Sonos S2 (June 2020)

As you may already seen, Sonos has released S2 and the new S2 app.

Today, lutron sent out an email that older Sonos devices (that S2 does not support) may be impacted with the lutron-Sonos integration. Sonos warned users to possibly wait before upgrading to S2.

Not sure if this will also occur with the ST-Sonos integration so the same warning may apply to ST users at this point?

I upgraded but all my Sonos devices are S2 supported and they do work with ST. I don’t have any non-supported S2 devices such as the Play 5 (gen 1)

Other non S2 devices:

Zone Players
Connect (Gen 1)
Connect:Amp (Gen 1)
Play:5 (Gen 1)


That doesn’t make any sense…

I mean, those are S1 devices, which has been working before with Lutron, nothing should have changed on them. S2 would be the new OS for the “newer” devices.

Or am I missing something?

For me, when I updated to S2, the S1 app ceased to function. You are only given the option to use the S2 app. Again, I do not have any S1 devices so I do not know if that app continues to work for them… I assume it may. And again, as I stated above, I don’t know if this stops the ST-Sonos integration for S1 devices. Proceed with caution.

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