Sonos Voice control smartapp

Hi, looking for some help. I used to use the SmartApp for playing audio based on triggers leveraging Sonos. I no longer see any audio based options in smartapps and my existing voice triggers are disabled / report no network connection when I try to renable. Did they remove this smartapp or am I missing something?

ST started the shutdown of groovy smartapps in January. That could be one explanation for why you can not enable it.

which smartapp were you using?

I can’t remember the name, but it was one of the standard (not custom) smartapps for speaker control

If you are looking for something simple like “When there is motion on this sensor, play this notification on my Sonos speaker” then the new Sonos Edge driver can do that. What is your specific use case?

My use case > if door sensor open then play voice message - custom message

What is the edge Sonos driver / how do I enable it?

You’ll need to subscribe to the Smartthings Edge Driver Beta Channel and install the Sonos driver on your hub. Once you have it installed, do a Scan Nearby and it will find your Sonos devices. Once discovered, you can then use Routines in the ST app to send notifications to your Sonos device.