Smartthings iPhone 14 and Sonos system

I have an older Sonos Play 1 and Play 3 and they are great. They are all communicating with my Orbi mesh router and have been for years. Smartthings can’t seem to control them via the current app on my iPhone 14. I have several routines on Smartthings that will pause/play the speakers at given times. Here’s the rub…the Sonos speakers will no longer accept commands from the Smartthings app. However, the Smartthings app DOES recognize a change in status! If I try to control the Sonos via the Smartthings app, nothing happens. Yet, if I control a speaker via the Sonos app, the Smartthings app notices the change! So, we know that the Smartthings “sees” the speakers and knows status but won’t control. I’ve deleted and reconnected the Sonos devices to the Smartthings app and it works…ONCE. I’m thinking that the Smartthings app is the issue as the Sonos app and Alexa all control the Sonos with no problem. iPhone 14 iOS 16.6. I also note this “WAP Tigger (Trigger??)” is now showing in Smartthings when I reinstalled the Sonos speakers. When I look up the definition and/or use of this “tigger” I get a stupid answer like, “The WAP Trigger triggers the WAP”. Great…sounds like Karmella Harris’ word salad!

you can find a discussion on Sonos after the platform migration in the following thread:

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Thank you for such a prompt reply! Now, I’m more confused than ever and I’m a computer geek! This thread was so far over my head….

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to sum it up… many users are experiencing the same issues as you after ST migrated Sonos over to Edge drivers. Along with Hue, ST is still working on both to resolve lingering issues. Also worth noting that Notifications to the S1 speakers should no longer work after the migration. That was announced in the Platform Migration FAQs.

You may need to be patient on this one until it gets resolved.

Do submit a ticket with ST support.

AH! Thanks for the clarification. These Sonos speakers are great and they work great. Upward compatibility will eventually be a problem! Kinda like my Mac computers…at some point, you gotta buy a new one just to keep up.

I kinda got fed up with Smartthings as the reliability began to suffer AND the device controllers pricing got out of hand. I much prefer Apple HomeKit. They are so much easier to set up and/or move around. I haven’t had a single issue with it except Sonos won’t work with it unless you buy something else. So, I’ve moved everything but the Sonos and a couple of compatible with Smartthings only over to HomeKit. I’m in the airline business and travel a lot. Thus I use Smartthings, HomeKit and my iPhone 14 to control my alarm system, HVAC, lights, etc. As a HAM radio operator and pilot, I have to have toys!