Trigger audio files on SONOS?

I’d like to trigger dedicated audio files please upon events and so far failed.
I use SmartThings (ST) in a country / region where SmartApps are not listed. However, I can create new from code.

  • SONOS speaker is registered correctly in ST as a device and working well
  • As indicated I don’t have the marketplace of SmarApps in my country i.e. don’t have the “Speaker Companion” SmartApp
  • I tried Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors from RBOY. It connects correctly with the SONOS device, however the app only allows to send “notification messages” to the speaker no audio files. The app does not allow SONOS to play chimes.
  • Also tried BigTalker2 and do not think it allows to play audio files neither.
  • Finally I installed a custom SmartApp Speaker notify with Sound from 2016. It installs without errors, however does not recognize the SONOS device (“No device found” when I configure the app). Maybe this would do the trick if worked well with SONOS

Perhaps is there a recent version of “Speaker notify with Sound” that works well with SONOS?
Any other suggestions please to trigger audio files on a SONOS speaker?

Thank you!

If your Sonos can play audio files from a URL then you can set the notification type to custom audio in the notifications page and enter the custom url

There are also a bunch of built in sounds, you could try the Mail has arrived

This was helpful thanks. I was able to add the custom audio URL (http://) and can play wav files on SONOS One provided they don’t exceed 44.100 Hz.

Also, by using Motion Sensors for trigger the latency is not too bad and audio plays within 1 sec after trigger. Still I hope that data is cached not reloaded everytime from the web source.

Is SONOS connecting to the web source directly? If this is not the case what components are involved in fetching the audio data?