Sonos stuttering/repeating

Anyone having an issue with there Sonos custom notifications stuttering or repeating? For instance, I have a custom message that says “the basement door is open,” but it actually says “the basement the basement door is open” when it plays.

I tried emailing support, but they were of little help pointing me to the community because I had my notifications triggering through CoRE pistons. To be sure that it wasn’t an issue with CoRE, I created a simple notification through the Sonos notify with sound app, and the issue was (not surprisingly) still there.

The issue started for me about 4-5 days ago (around the time that I started having sporadic issues with presence, SHM hiccups, and mode change issues). Those other issues seem to have improved, but the Sonos problem persists. Before then, everything had been running smoothly for several weeks.

I just wanted to see if anyone else was having this issue before I uninstalled all my speakers and Sonos connect and reinstalling.


I’m having the same issue, but it isn’t with every notification. I think it has to do with the current slowness issues. I didn’t make any changes.

Good to know that I’m not the only one. I’ll just hang tight and hope that it fixes itself. It is a nuisance, but it is tolerable for the time being. :slight_smile:

YES ! ! ! This is happening on MOST of my notifications, and I have tried flipping around to the Dashboard security audio notify, the Sonos notify, the Big talker, to see if I could find resolution. I did NOT - still living with the stuttering :frowning: I will report my incident this AM to support as well. The more of the same “issue” the more visibility. b by bye for now.

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Me, too. I am a new user and I wasted many hours thinking that it was a problem with my Pistons and my sonos setup. I added waits fully conditions and recoded many pistons until I found this thread. Also, getting multiple Sonos speakers to announce a notification result in a cacophony around my house.

I did report this and have them issue a tix for this issue 10/17/2016 with Tony in support.

It sounds like you have “many” Sonos speakers - as do I. The Sonos integration is considered “Lab” therefore not polished.
I have “some” functionality - but this is not a smooth fully functional integration by any means. A lot of my pain points come into play with how at any given time I have my Sonos “grouped” …what volumes were playing prior to notifications" as well.

The standard Smart App with the continue playing music after notification is tricky, if TRUE is selected even if the music was of prior to the announcement music will then begin. (CoRE can probably solve this however i am not using that just yet))
Of course there isn’t live streaming of music (iHeart, Pandora, Amazon etc etc) that works - I am hopeful that with the new AMAZON SONOS partnership we will get there.
When there is full compatibility I will be so happy ! ! !

I gave up on my Sonos integration a while back. Thought I was working at one point, but wasn’t. My notifications that someone has arrived are random throughout. Previous playing music doesn’t come back and even my specified station doesn’t come on when I arrive home. I’ve played with the Sonos Connect and notify with sound smartapps endlessly. I don’t use CoRE so I don’t know if something can be resolved using that. But right now I don’t have the time to test CoRE in my environment.

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Yeah. I am also awaiting true integration. The integration with sonos was the primary reason I purchased Smartthings.

I am using CoRe and it has a “say text and resume” method, and this has been great at getting Sonos to resume my streams. I am now playing with saving current state to local variables and activate a resume method to load the recent stream, a more efficient way. CoRe is not yet fully documented and this has been taken a while to implement.

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I agree that the Sonos integration has been spotty, but it has improved a lot over the past few months. I lived through the lack of text to speech and also the multiple Sonos killing zwave functionality fiascos.

The playing to multiple Sonos speakers has never worked for me either as they are never in sync. CoRE is a game changer on a much larger level, but it has also tied in the Sonos notifications nicely. I have been able to cleanup my smartapps significantly because of CoRE (for instance, I have a single piston that handles all my open door notifications as opposed to a separate Sonos notify with sound smartapp for each of my doors).

Sonos ran really nice for a long time after I got it. Then the text to speech max was hit twice then it fell on it’s face. I’ve been meaning to look into CoRE. I’m sure it would help cleanup my rules! Just haven’t had the time.

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Anyone else still having issues with their Sonos speakers? I’m just curious since the SmartThings status page now says everything is fine again. I’m still getting the stuttering/repeats about 90% of the time. What’s weird is that the issue isn’t isolated to any specific notification. That is the notification will stutter one time but then play normally the next time. I may try removing/reinstalling my speakers and Sonos Connect to see if that helps, but I’m really not looking forward to having to redo my setup.

I have not seen any changes with the problem since I noticed it. My Sonos system still stutters. Also, playing notification through multiple speakres is still not in synch.

Mostly my announcements just add an extra word or two at the end.
last night…wooooo…30+ non-stop redenditions of “Attention, attention, brush cats’ teeth.” :sweat_smile:
Boy, we made sure to do it before Sonos got really angry. :slight_smile:

To shut it off I just had to hit the play button next to to the specific automation. It played once more and then stopped.

This is because we are sending individual commands to each speakers (rather than being able to leverage sonos’ groups). We are a bit tied on this while it is in Labs.

I tried reproducing this a bunch of times (probably to the annoyance of my neighbors) but was unable to get stuttering. I do get it on my Echo during regular use, so I think this might be related bandwidth/network congestion

I understand that the events are being submitted to each speaker separately but the issue is that it’s not only that they are out of synch, one speaker would start a notification and half of the phrase gets interrupted while another one would start the notification and then you end up with each speaker repeating the same thing or sutters through the phrase. I don’t believe fully that it is due to local network congestion. It happens at night when everything are idle on the network. My theory is that Sonos is not sending to or receiving the information fast enough from Smartthings.

Thanks for checking Aaron. Do you mean that it is likely related to bandwidth/network congestion on my local network? If that is the case, I will tinker with it more this weekend to see if I can fix it.

Yep. Unless you have the same ISP I do (cough)… and then it could be your whole neighborhood

I have had this problem with my Sonos for months. I have a Core piston to announce “Bedroom door unlocked.” I typically hear the following “Bedroom door…Bedroom door unlocked…Bedroom door unlocked.” It is just stuttering consistently. Sometimes two, often three times. Running through SHM is the same problem.

Aaron, would support be able to ascertain through the logs that it is a local network issue? How can one verify that definitively. can help you measure the speed you’re seeing from your ISP.

Having said that, I’m thinking it’s more the way the content is buffered (vs. speed or bandwidth). I have a high-end Wi-Fi router with a broadband cable connection. I have no problems with other communications hanging, including VOIP and video teleconferencing with Skype for Business. Even on the Sonos, I can stream a football game and everything is fine. That brings me back to the way the content is buffered … or lack thereof.

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