Sonos Sleep Timer

Does anyone know of a SmartApp for Sonos that will let you set a sleep timer? For example, I have a routine set for bed time. I press Bed Time in the ST app, it switches off lights throughout the house (apart from an upstairs hall light) and switches on the Sonos speaker in the bedroom and changes the output level for nice background music. Before fitting ST on the weekend, at bed time I would launch the Sonos app, select play in the bedroom and then set a sleep timer for the speaker to go off (generally set to an hour). Has anyone come across this sort of functionality?


Do you have CoRE? You should be able to easily setup a rule for sonos that is triggered when you use the bed routine.

One question, have you found a reliable device handler that works great with sonos?
What smartapps are you using with sonos now? Cause the ones Ive tried have been far from reliable.

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I don’t have CoRE installed. As I’m in the U.K. and GitHub isn’t working for us I wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort doing a manual install (if that’s possible). However I have installed Netatmo manually plus all handlers and also Nest with handlers (and SmartTiles) so I think I should be able to get it going if it’s something that you think would be useful?

So far for Sonos I have installed Speaker Notifyer With Sound (which is working as it should considering I only got the hub a couple of days ago) which made the wife jump the first time she came home. I have setup 5 notify with sound (welcome home to me (with a 5 minute delay before the message is spoken as I haven’t fitted the door sensor yet so it allows 5 minutes after crossing into the geofence zone), to the wife (with the same 5 minute delay), when Smoke is Detected on Nest Protect upstairs, Smoke Detected on Nest Protect downstairs, good night message), Speaker Weather Forecast (triggered in the kitchen Sonos Play 1 when the Hue Motion Sensor detects movement in the kitchen and turns the Hue light on first thing in the morning) and Speaker Control to make the bedroom Sonos turn on when I run the night routine (which shuts off all downstairs Hue bulbs, all Sonos speakers (apart from the bedroom), all Harmony Ultimate hub Remote activities and turn Nest down low.
The device handler is just the default Sonos (Connect) that came up when the hub powered up and was detecting devices (I think that’s what your asking isn’t it?)

GitHub integration is not needed to install CoRE, it makes it convenient to update but not necessary.

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CoRE is definitely worth a try. It really opens up what you can do with SmartThings.

Installation is simple in the UK, it just needs a bit of cut and paste.

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Just wanted to feedback that CoRE has worked really well for the sleep timer.
I have also started shifting my other routines and automations over to CoRE. Just a bit stuck at the moment with making text come out of the Sonos e.g. For a welcome home