Event reminders?

I’m new to smartthings. I transitioned over from homeseer which would do anything in the world you wanted it to, but was not for the tech challenged. One of the features that it had was I could set it up to remind me on the first of the month to give the dogs their heartworm medicine and every Monday and Thursday to take the trash out. Is there an app that can do that through smartthings? I’m getting a sonos setup in my house.

My first thought would be CoRE, the all powerful Community’s own Rule Engine.

It supports Sonos and most, if not all the other devices on ST. In this link to the Wiki you can see all the other CoRE links to the forum threads and search the Wiki for Sonos for even more info.


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If you are looking for something on a very simplistic level (that would work say for the garbage out reminder - I have this myself) in the MARKETPLACE --> MUSIC & SOUNDS --> SPEAKER NOTIFY WITH SOUNDS I personally use A LOT of these. You can also check out the SHM custom set up - there are audio reminders reminders there too, depending on what all you trying to set up. I would start from there… and work up.