Triggering Sonos after motion has not been detected for awhile

While I’m relatively new to SmartThings, I’m not new to home automation in general. There is something I would like to try but I need some help in doing this.

I currently have SmartThings successfully (and pretty accurately) controlling about 5 Sonos devices. I would like to place a handful of SmartThings motion sensors throughout my building and create a rule that if no motion is detected on any of them after X amount of time, it would trigger one of my smart rules to start playing music over the Sonos speakers (at least one or two of the Sonos devices, anyway). I’m essentially trying to accomplish automatically turning music on when the building is empty so that anytime someone arrives they’re always welcomed to music.

How would I go about doing this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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One word and a tag … #core

So what exactly is core? Is this a smartapp? Again, I’m new to ST so forgive me. Where do I find it and how do I install it?

Thank you!

If you click on the tag link above, you will discover several threads about CoRE. It is a community developed app, written by @ady624 . it is still a beta program, but it covers every use case you can think of, including the one you are looking for. Here is the latest thread…

You can check this thread, if you’d like to know more about installing custom code on your account:

I just got it installed. Wow, I am playing with it on the ST app now. This looks pretty powerful.

So I am assuming that once I get some motion sensors hooked up this should be pretty easy to do! Thank you!

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