Sonos S1 and Evohome problems


I’ve used voice alerts for door bells and reminders on my Sonos S1 system (about 5 speakers throughout the house) for years. Obviously recently this ability has stopped working. Added to this, the shift to edge has also knocked my Honeywell Evohome system off the smartthings system. Both the Sonos and the Evohome work fine in their native apps, they are just no longer recognised or working within smartthings.

I was wondering if its worth moving to Hubitat? It seems a new hub and a day pairing and writing the automations would be less painful than the ££ needed to update all my Sonos and Evohome.

Does anyone know if Hubitat supports voice alerts on S1, - I’m confident it works with Evohome.

I don’t want this post to sound anti-smartthings, I’d rather not leave, but here we are…

For the Sonos S1:

The Sonos S1 is no longer supported for audio notifications.

I will let others respond to your questions.

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a quick search on their forum did not yield any results. You may want to create an account on their community forum and post the question.

update: did find one post from Sept 2020 that Sonos 1 still worked after S2 was released. But again, you may want to post or contact their support to get a current and better answer.


Thanks for your help. Very kind.

Voice alerts on S1 is an absolute must for me - and I’m using an old V2 smartthigs hub. Might time to go for the C8 hubitat