Door sensor compatible with Alexa or Sonos to voice announce entry?

Hi everyone!

My first post here.

Have been into home automation for the past year or so. I have several Alexa devices, Sonos speakers, and a Philips Hub.

I am very much considering a Smartthings hub if it can accomplish a task that the Philips Hub cannot.

Looking to have a door sensor installed that when opened, it announces entry on Amazon Alexa or Sonos.

I would suppose a sensor like this would work…

How can I go about doing this? Thank you in advance.

yes this can be done… please see this article by SmartThings support:

Just currious, does this play out of Alexia or a compatible speaker that can be paired to smart things.

Alexa does not play notification (yet?).

This will work for connected speakers (like Sonos) only.

It can also be done by using something like Tasker with AutoNotification. Simply run it on a cheap android tablet that also runs smartthings, and when the notification comes up Tasker can say it.