Recommended Voice notification speakers to work with SmartThings?

Hi guys, I’m looking to setup a speaker with speech capabilities so I can get voice alert when something opens and closes;should I go with Sonos or Bose? Any help is appreciated!

Sonos one has Alexa built in and reportedly this year will have google too. I use it works great

Thanks Gopack!

I’m not familiar with a Sonos One, but with a regular Sonos, you may find that while announcements will play just fine, if you are streaming music and the announcement interrupts that, the streaming may not resume. If you search this forum, you’ll find a number of posts on the Sonos issues.

If you just want to say things like “The back door has been opened” or “Motion has been detected in the driveway”, you may want to consider the Aeotec doorbell.
You can store up to 100 mp3 files in it, and play any particular file in response to doors opening or closing, motion detectors, lights, etc.
Lots of websites let you create free mp3 files in a spoken voice.
Apps like Smart Rules and webcore can be used to create the rules/pistons needed.


Umm, sound interesting; I’ll look into it.



Try grabbing the uri before you play the notifications nd store to a variable.

Play the Notifictions, wait a desired amount of time for the notification to play its entirety.

Then play track uri variable and it should start playing your stream again. Only problem it may. It start from where you left off.

This works for me when streaming a radio station

if you’re not looking for anything too fancy, then something like the Samsung R1 works decent for much less $

Yeah…I’m not trying to be fancy; I just need a voice alert😊